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Reversible Rotary Hammer Drill

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  • Reversible Rotary Hammer Drill

    I need a heavy duty rotary hammer drill But with a reverse mode. Long story, but I am driving 5’ bits for utility lines, frost walls in areas suspect for ledge. It was kind of a long shot and we joked about it, but it worked freakishly well. Apart from a couple broken bits, I get stuck ones. If I could reverse that would help. My bits are all spline. I’ve drilled 2 sites now, saved myself 10 fold in blasting. The blaster is amused by our operation.
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    Don't know of one with reverse for that heavy duty of an application. My 110V Bosch has reverse but nowhere big enough for that job.
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      You did check Hilti right, maybe they have something that beefy.
      Portland Renovations, Inc.