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Best Miter saw stands , What's you opinion

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  • Best Miter saw stands , What's you opinion

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are about portable miter saw stands, their are a lot of them on the market and many of them make a lot of claims.I still have a homemade one i put on saw horses but have thought about stepping up and getting something a little more portable. Whats worth the money in your opinion. Thanks

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    My opinion is that they are mostly the same. one thing to keep in mind is that you might need more clamps for different saws in the future so I would go with a brand (like dewalt for example) that you will be able to find clamps for in 20 years.

    I have been using Stablemate stands for many years and love the stands, but I am having a tough time finding new clamps for more saws now.

    Also, if size/space is a concern, look for one that folds up smaller. Some are like 7'+ long, even when closed. I personally like having supports close to the saw too, not just way on the outside.


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      Thanks I'm leaning towards the Dewalt since my saw is a Dewalt and like you stated about a brand that has been around for a while. But I'm not ready yet to bite the bullet. I like the ones made like a saw horse over those rolling ,elevating gut buster types.


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        Probably because you are used to it, the taller, gut busting ones, are much nicer since you don't have to bend over and use the saw like the saw horse type. Easier on the back too. But I have seen shorter guys cut the legs on their stands so they weren't quite as tall.


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          Hello, I bought DeWalt DWS780 pas month and I'm a happy duck with it. The slide is butter smooth and the saw is well balanced. The 12 in size is worth it. I have already made larger cuts than I thought I would need and you will too, so forget the 10" model.

          The motor is very quiet and starts well with a brief soft start. The amperage rating is just right to run through knots with no change in blade speed. The saw has a light feature such that when you bring the blade down to the workpiece, as shadow is formed to indicate exactly where the cut will occur. I have other tools with a laser, and find them to be useless. However, this shadow line is exceptional and I love, love, love it. The large Dewalt stand that matches to this saw is well engineered and the supports are spaced to allow cutting 12' boards with perfect balance. The dust collection bag works fairly well, but has to be emptied often due to its modest size.I recommend to read here about DeWalt DWS780, I was considering Makita too, but I chose DeWalt and don't regret this. Makita is also a good option to go with, but I've had Makita before so I decided to try another brand.

          I recently used this saw to cut about 200 1"x8"x12' boards to size and it was flawless

          Finally, it shipped from Amzn in the D. box and it arrived fine, as did the stand in a separate box.


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            Bosch GCM12SD is the best miter saw for professional use. I used it.


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              I've got the ridgid rolling/folding stand. It weighs a bit, but I do remodel work, so something that I can fold up and roll away easily at the end of the day is what I was looking for. The fact that I can leave the saw attached and leave it vertically in a corner somewhere is a win for me.
              I used to have a cheap ryobi stand, just four legs that fold up. It was a lot lighter, but I liked the way the rolling stand packed up.


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                Rigid's Miter Saw Utility Vehicle is a great stand if you want to leave your saw attached to the stand. I still have, and use, the older model. The problem with stands where you have to remove the saw is that the mounting components will inevitably get broken via handling and transport.