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holes in floor joists in basement for wires

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  • holes in floor joists in basement for wires

    I think this was discussed before but I want to ask how many wires can go into a hole that has been drilled thru a floor joist? I sometimes see only one wire per hole, sometimes more. I am only in a new home with I joists but when I have seen them the holes are maybe 2 inch holes and maybe 10 or more wires run thru them.

    I ask because I recently saw a basement where some unlucky electrician drilled about 20 floor joists with about 12 holes per joist for a kitchen remodel to run back to the panel. Not only did it seem unnecessary but it made me wonder about the joist integrity now that it has all those holes in a row drilled thru it.

    Is there a code or something that says one wire per hole or are more allowed.

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    Up here the rule seems to be 4 wires per hole. I'm sure it's in the electrical code though.

    Most likely varies based on voltage too.
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