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miter/table saw blades

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    Re: miter/table saw blades

    Originally posted by Lavrans View Post
    Thin kerf blades come in a few different thicknesses. All will move more than a .125 blade when fed at the same rate of cut. Cut slower & the thin kerf MAY be able to cut just as straight as a full kerf blade, it just has to be sharp.

    Most of the time a 1/8" kerf blade on the tablesaw is going to be more than the saw can handle. That's true whether it's a Bosch, DeWalt, or Ryobi. They just don't have the power to rip 2x stock with a full size blade at an acceptable feed rate. Move to a thinner blade & you can increase the feed rate, but have to pay more attention to the blade as you do. Hearing the cut is very important.
    My 10" Makita will cut anything, no matter what kind or kerf the blade. You just can't stop those sukka's.

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      i use some miter saw . most of miter saw in blade isn't good. so i'm asking you what miter saw is the best