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Rangefinder recommendations

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  • Rangefinder recommendations

    could anyone of you recommend me a range finder?

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    What kind of rangefinder do you need? I use rangefinders when I hunt and If you need one of those I can help. There are a lot of them and it is really important to buy a good one from the start. I tried buying cheaper ones but they are just not good enough because they break easily. I Recommend buying a laser rangefinder from ATN because they sell good ones for good price. They sell a lot of hunting equipment and I also have one of their hunting scopes. With that scope and rangefinder I am a much better hunter than I was before.
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      When I think of the word range finder I think of a hunting tool. I guess you are talking about a laser measure instrument. One that you put against one corner of the wall and measure over to the other side?


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        Leopold makes a nice, somewhat affordable rangefinder. Leica makes really nice laser distance measurement tools.