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Deck Framing Question

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  • Deck Framing Question

    Hello, I am going to be framing a two tier deck off a house with a ledger. The height difference between the two will be 12 inches. My question is: Can I run the 2X12 joists off the house and overlap a triple 2X12 beam for the upper half that spans 15 feet off the house and then joist hangar off the same beam for the front half that would span 10 feet and overlap another triple 2x12 beam, or do I need 2 separate beams for this application? I have attached a picture of a top view and side view for better understanding. The shaded half in the top view will be 12 inches higher than everything else.

    Thank you.

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    I would check with an engineer, or an architect or building code official. The drawings are not professional and we have no idea where you are located or what you would be anchoring the deck to and a host of other questions.

    Even with that information given I can tell you that of the 8 or 10 different cities that I work in around the St Louis, Mo area they may all have very similar codes but just about each has something that differs from the next city. Local info is probably the best thing for you at this point.


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      What is the span of the girder? You can do it if the span meets code.