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Rain gutter connection/diversion question

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  • Rain gutter connection/diversion question

    Hi, new to the forums here so I hope this is an "on topic" post for this category:

    We have an oddball "stub" of a gutter that serves a small valley on our roof, and it has its own dedicated downspout: one that is difficult to access and will become much more difficult to access when we rebuild our deck next month. A photo is linked bellow.

    What I've been wondering is, is there a sane and sound means by which we could just run a jog down from this "stub" gutter to the longer, primary one next to it. The drop would be about 6" vertical and the travel would be about 14" long.

    Tempted to just fit some 2" PVC pipe between the two, hiding it alongside the rafter tail, but am wondering how a pro might approach this. Any advice would be appreciated!
    Underside view

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    Sure You can do that, just make sure it is sealed and doesn't leak.
    Mark Parlee
    BESI(building envelope science institute) Envelope Inspector
    EDI Certified EIFS Inspector/Moisture Analyst/Quality Control/Building Envelope II
    EDI Seminar Instructor
    Level one thermographer (Snell)
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      Thanks Mark. Seal it well I will!


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        I am not sure what exactly they are called but I have seen some sort of rain diverter.. Basically just a piece of angle aluminum that is placed on the shingles with some adhesive. In your case you would get or make a piece long enough to catch the water coming down to that small gutter and run it at an angle over to the lower gutter. No need for new pieces of gutter or anything it manages the water by acting as a dam on the roof and diverting it