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Best practice for fastening knee/diagonal bracing?

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  • Best practice for fastening knee/diagonal bracing?

    I'm trying to eliminate some sway in a deck and I'm putting knee braces from the 6x6 post to the 2-ply 2x12 beam, which is notched into the posts and secured with 2, 7'' carriage bolts.
    I'm thinking 6x6 brace would rest fully on the post and I could notch the top to sit flush against the back and the bottom of the beam.
    How do I fasten this for the strongest connection?
    Was thinking 2 timberlok screws for brace to post, set at about 2 1/2" into the post, then a couple exterior screws into the bottom of the beam, and another carriage bolt through the face of the beam into the notched back of the brace.
    Another consideration is braces will be on both sides of beam, would a single through-bolt for both braces be better, or would it unnecessarily weaken the post?
    Are 6x6 braces overkill?