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Message from Myron

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Message from Myron

    The forum on JLC are clearly stated as being for professionals only. This can be a person just starting out in the business or just someone in the construction business who does a little drywall work, or someone like me who is out there everyday hanging and taping drywall.
    Another rule is to be professional with responses to each other. I know some of us yell and swear at work and I guess that as long as other people are not around and can't hear you that it is OK. I have never really allowed this type of behavior on my jobsites, but it still occurs sometimes. But that does not make it right.
    So I would say lets try and keep this forum for professionals only and to be professional on this forum. If DIYers ask questions we can either answer or not answer, but I would suggest that if you don't want to answer the question then please don't respond at all.
    The more professional we are the more professionals we will have on this forum.
    I don't have the time to lecture everyone who does not not fill out the profile or who I suspect is a DIYer. So I may just answer the question and leave it at that.
    I would prefer that DIY questions be addressed directly to me instead of on the forum.
    Keep in mind that in a few weeks this message will be at the bottom of the page we will start going back to where we were with non professionals.

    So please everybody just relax and enjoy!!!

    Myron Ferguson

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    Re: Message from Myron

    Thanks Myron... Really nice of you.
    SPF Roofing


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      Re: Message from Myron

      Here here. DYIers can ask the folks at Home Depot! ;)


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        Re: Message from Myron

        Hi Myron,
        Love your sticky note! Just wanted to say hello, that I miss all of you, and see if you are happy and well. Uh, no,,,,,,,, I don't install drywall, but is it OK if I post this message?

        Michael (used to be the tile guy until I refused to give up my shirt in the middle of a presentation).


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          Re: Message from Myron

          The forum on JLC are clearly stated as being for professionals only. This can be a person just starting out in the business or just someone


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            Re: Message from Myron

            Wow!! You have sharing such a great tips here..


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              Re: Message from Myron

              Hi Myron
              Good post. If you don't want your message to disappear off the bottom of the board you can "stick" it to the top - just edit it in advanced mode and scroll down, you'll see "stick this thread" as one of the options.

              If you want a moderator message/thread to stand without a ton of comments, you can "stick" it and "close" it at the same time.

              ((Planning + Process) x Technology) = SUCCESS!

              Joe Stoddard
              Mountain Consulting Group, LLC

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                I hate it when my kids hear or read foul language. Life is better without it! Thanks for the good rule.


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                  Thank you . I guess this forum is optimized for computers because it's hard to leave a long message with my phone. I will introduce myself in full later. For now my name is Alex I'm doing my first remodel in Florida and I will become pro at it and there will be many others. Highest quality and safety are my priorities.