Hi - I'm in CT and I am GCing a new home, getting close to the Sheetrock stage. I know Certainteed is a good company and one dealer recently told me it's all he sells, as he does not wall call backs with problem. I made a comment to a hanger that another Sheetrock dealer has his SR stored in an open, covered building so if it's 20 degrees out, the Sheetrock is 20 degrees and the hanger said don't kid yourself as no one stores SR in a conditioned area. When I go to Lowes or HD, the SheetRock is in a heated store and looks in very good condition. HD sells USG which is a good brand so I have been meaning to ask other builders is there really a difference between big box vs the dealers? I know dealers have the abilty to place the sheetrock during delivery through a window
but I've had Lowes deliver, and they have a nice red cart and places the wrapped material near the basement or where you want it.
Thank you for your thoughts/