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Plaster over brick wall

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  • Plaster over brick wall

    I am doing a remodel and the plaster over a brick wall has failed. I have removed all the loose material and have a questions about the steps needed to fix it.

    There a remodel of the residence 10 years ago and they used orange mesh tape. I know I need to use a bonding agent but then do I use durabond? Do I need to use mesh tape? If I use tape should I do structolite?

    I just need help on what products to use so that I do it right. I have experience finishing drywall but plaster is a new world to me.
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    How big of an area or areas ?

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      Exterior brick wall or interior brick wall?

      Here in St Louis we have what is called a 3 wye brick wall- 3 layers of brick thick that often get a plaster coat on the interior side of the brick. Is that what you are talking about?

      Under windows, below a soffit, exposed wall, all make a difference in why the plaster came loose and need to be addressed.

      give us some more info please


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        As Others have stated, more info. Is required. I have done many patch or full wall applications of plaster over brick. If you have a failure, you need to determine the nature of the failure. Most frequently it is moisture related but maybe your situation is different.was there flaking/efflorescence on the finish coat? Were there just structural cracks and delamination of the base coat? Pictures would have been nice before you removed material.


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          Ok here you go. Make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt. Not sure if this is inside our outside. If outside power wash and let surface get good and dry. On exterior a bonding agent such as weld Crete to be applied then plaster over. You don’t have to use a bonding agent but it helps to kill the suction of the brick joints so they don’t show through the finish.
          interior clean brick apply plaster weld then your plaster over the bonding agent. You can apply direct to brick if you decide to do that apply a sample and try to get it off after drying. We always used bonding agent as it is easier. One more thing bonding agents are designed to be applied thin just turn the color of the brick to color of bonding agent. Thinner is better. Plaster weld is pink and designed to be used interior and weld Crete is blue designed for exterior use. Both are made by Larsen.

          good lick