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Interior Painting Assistive Robot

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  • Interior Painting Assistive Robot

    Hello everyone, my name is Tristan, I am a mechanical engineering student from Purdue University. My team and I are developing a robot which would assist homeowners and professional painters in painting interior walls. We are looking for some initial feedback of our concept to chose the best alternative. If you have a minutes to help, please use the link below to answer a quick 5-10 minutes survey:

    Thank you!
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    Tristan, you are missing the most important issue. I can train a monkey to paint "walls". That part has no value whatsoever. Are you able to design a robot with vision, AI and tooling that would enable it to accurately paint an actual room, including ceiling, trim and the ability to cut in? All by itself?

    If you still need a professional painter to complete the job, your robot is worth zero.


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      Tristian, don't be discouraged by the answer you got from dg. He does have a valid point tho. The details are what makes a great paint job stand out from a good paint job.

      I have not had time to look at your survey but before I do why don't you tell us a bit more about the project, how far along are you in it and such. Your asking for us to give you information, how about you give us a bit more information and we will see if we want to help out.


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        I’m too nervous to click on any links these days.

        I will say hearing a trowel in use by a skilled craftsman is a beautiful thing. I guess I never realized I was so privileged as one day those guys will be long gone.
        When you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.

        Theodore Roosevelt


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          Thanks for the responses everyone, our robot will in fact have vision which will enable it to detect blue tape and hence avoid edges. The primary goal is to gain time in painting bulk of the walls (not the ceiling), and gain a lot of time there for the painters to work somewhere else in the mean time, and only focus on finishing the room. We are in the early stages of our project where concepts are still being determined, so if you guys have some time to fill out our survey (it's not a virus I promise, it's a link) it would help us tremendously in figuring out the interest, as well as your guys' professional opinion. Thank you!