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Mortar bed shower pan ruined?

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  • Mortar bed shower pan ruined?

    I bought a house after seller quit mid-remodel It looks like they took out the curb but now the liner appears to be compromised all arround. I don't know enough about these to know what I'm looking at. Based on the drawings on Jlc forum, it appears the liner is supposed to go over the curb and up against the walls. Then the backer is supposed to go over the liner on the walls.

    I Don't want to rip it out because I "think" it's bad without asking someone who knows what they're looking at.

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    That's a hot mopped pan. Not repairable. Take everything out to the slap and replace it.


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      The shower floor can either be removed down to the slab or use the existing as a pre-slope and install a membrane over it(and also over the new curb. Also, the paperfaced drywall is a no-no in the shower, so it needs to be removed and replaced with a cementitious backer board or DensShield.



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        It is possible to use Kerdi on floor, and walls of drywall.
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          Hey! It looks like it's worn out from constant use. I guess some cement works would do the job. After cement coating, place similar colored tiles over it. I'm not experienced like others but I think you can consider seeking the advice of some service guy as well.