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JLC January 2011 breakeven budgeting workbook

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  • JLC January 2011 breakeven budgeting workbook

    Here is the workbook that accompanies my January 2011 business column.

    REQUIREMENTS: The workbook requires Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows or later to work properly. It will not work properly with the Mac version of Excel, nor will it work properly with Excel 2000 or 2003, Google Spreadsheet, OpenOffice, or any other Excel replacement. That said, there isn't a whole lot that you need to tweak to make it work - but there are a couple of 2007 functions we used ( "IFERROR" is the main one, to avoid zero divisor errors) . There are also formatting colors and conditional formatting that only works in 2007 (or 2010).

    The file is offered under a modified Creative Commons license. You're free to use it in your business, but you may not re-sell it, nor re-distribute it. You may link to it here from your website if you like, but you may not put a copy for download anywhere on the web. Reason being we want all requests for the file to come here so we can monitor them. Per the creative commons terms, you may modify it any way you like (and will probably have to) - but we maintain copyright ownership of the work product. If you do make modifications - even minor ones - please e-mail us a copy of your changes. If they're something that will be widely useful we'll include them in a future version and will give you credit in the file for working on the project.

    Finally - this file is offered totally as-is. By downloading it you acknowledge that it is likely to contain errors that could impact your business. Use common sense and double-check everything before making major business decisions based on the output of a free spreadsheet !! The instructions tab has the complete EULA.
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