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Help trouble shooting HVAC

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  • Help trouble shooting HVAC

    While doing my sister's garage ceiling drop, i cant help but noticed her unit outside the garage wasn't turning off-but running continuously. and i suspected there might be leaks in the windows etc . . after few days of temperature discomfort inside her house, she finally told me she had it checked out and its leaking and it will cost her 6-7k - so outrageous amount. Any thoughts? what could be the easy solution and proper approach on this?

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    Chris, this is a forum for construction professionals. We don't give DIY advice, but in your case it doesn't matter. Clearly you don't have the knowledge or the equipment to work on HVAC.

    I recommend you find a reputable local HVAC contractor. If your sister already had a good contractor look at it, they should have given her a complete report on what they found and what they proposed to do. You can look at that report and take it from there.


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      I just found out the system she has is almost 20-ish years old, about the unit lifespan, which makes sense if the local repair man keeps repairing it and convince my sister to just replace the units. Thanks for insights