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  • Houzz Pro App

    Anyone tried the new Houzz Pro App? Any opinions?

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    Yes, I've tried it. It is ok, but it overlaps with what Builder Trend does, so I don't see myself moving to use it. I think it could be beneficial for small contractors. I actually met the Houzz person at the recent builder's show who wrote a lot of this program, he took me aside and picked my brain on some of the aspects of the program. I think Houzz is trying to be a one-stop shop for contractors.




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      It's nice now when it's included in their marketing package. They'll probably start charging for it once it's fleshed out.

      There are some more efficient aspects of it that make it somewhat better than BT. Namely it's just more rudimentary/basic. It's a difficult balance to strike when it comes to ease of use while trying to appeal to a particular niche in the industry.