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Hometech Advantage not working-solved

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  • Hometech Advantage not working-solved

    I'm writing for those others unfortunate enough to have plunked down $900 on Hometech Advantage. This is an estimating program that I used in good service for many years. Now they are no longer supporting their product at all and that company tells me that they are getting daily calls from hundreds of frustrated contractors. They told me that there was absolutely no workaround for this issue, then they offered to sell me the program again. New and improved!

    Well it looked like to me that the error occurs when the program goes out on the internet looking for a security code validation. So I simply turned off my internet and the program fired right up. I guess the engineers at Hometech just didn't think of that?

    Anyway I hope this helps someone out looking for a solution. My next step is to print hard copies of the books I already paid for. If it opens up for you again, I suggest you do the same. This program is a $900 dog, but the price books still have value.

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    I took a class from Walt many years ago and have been a HomeTech fan for years but they just aren't what they used to be. Like so many tings.