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    john williams Guest

    Default 2 hour fire rated ceiling

    How does one construct a 2 hour fire rated ceiling/floor combination?

    I have been told this is a necessity in a building I am about to purchase, but I do not know how to spec it out!


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    Peter CGR Guest

    Default Re: 2 hour fire rated ceiling

    Go to They have several drawings and expanations on how to achieve a 2 hour rating when needed.

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    Myron Ferguson Guest

    Default Re: 2 hour fire rated ceiling

    The ceiling will need 2 layers of 5/8 drywall attached to steel resilient channel. If the floor also needs a 2 hr rating, acording to USG's handbook it will need a 1 1/2 " gypsum concrete flooring.
    Your code enforcer should be able to advise you on this if the job spects don't have the necessory imformation.

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