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    Steve Guest

    Default How to retexture an existing wall

    We had a contractor who did a very sub quality knock down texture on our walls. We want to redo the texturing. What is required to retexture an existing finished and painted wall? Under the texture is drywall.


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    calvin Guest

    Default Re: How to retexture an existing wall

    Was the knock down inferior or could an inferior taping job have contributed to it? You might have to deal with that also. If that's the case, after you fix it you probably could skim coat the rest and then retexture. Pretty much depends on how bad it is. New texture will not mask everything. Best of luck.

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    Myron Ferguson Guest

    Default Re: How to retexture an existing wall

    You should be able to just go over what is there. Just spray over the area again , knock it down, and repaint. If the paint is glossy ,prime with a flat paint or skuff it up with sandpaper before retexturing. If you are worried about the new texture covering the old, spray a small area first to help gauge the amount of new texture needed.

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    Steve Guest

    Default Re: How to retexture an existing wall

    The taping was ok. It looks like they did the knock down while it was too wet. We have areas that are smeared or have trowel marks.


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    Laska Guest

    Default Re: How to retexture an existing wall

    I am finished with the building of my new (southwestern type) built-in entertainment center, what I need to know now is how to apply the knockdown technique to the walls, caves etc... There are also places where the pre-existing drywall remains so I need to know how to best match it too?? Please help, need to get some information in order to get this done asap.


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