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    B Moorefield Guest

    Default Rigid foam board vs. fiberglass insulation

    We want to use rigid foam board in our attic floor instead of using fiberglass insulation. We don't want to breath in the fiberglass.

    We think we need 3 to 3.5 inches of foam board cut to fit between the trusses to get the R-value we need.

    Has anyone done this?

    What about a cheap do-it-yourself spray-in foam?

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    BradS Guest

    Default Re: Rigid foam board vs. fiberglass insulation

    You will probably get a lot of gaps and thus air infiltration if you try to fit rigid insulation between the trusses. Why not try using blown cellulose rather than the fg? Best to have this professionally done. Nothing good is cheap.

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    Glenn Mitchell Guest

    Default Re: Rigid foam board vs. Fiberglas insulation

    I agree with the likelihood of gaps in the foam board but you can use an expanding foam to fill the gaps.
    Breathing of Fiberglas is a temporary condition during application and can be affectively avoided with proper apparatus.

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    rick anderson Guest

    Default Re: Rigid foam board vs. Fiberglas insulation

    3M makes several good Respirators that are rated for insulation. is the EARL (URL) for more info.

    As is pointed out about once a week in this forum, seal all penetrations thru the attic (electrical, etc) - or you'll be breathing far more insulation in the house than you ever would installing it with a mask - AND loosing more energy.

    I don't insult myself, but I've been itching to try (pun intended) MIRAFLEX - it doesn't itch. the Owens-corning site doesn't mention the danger to breathing it. The site also has alot of good info on insulation.


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