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    Bob Guest

    Default Re: Fading vinyl windows

    Sorry, I can't do that. I'm negotiating with this company right now, I don't want to sour the relationship by giving them bad press.
    Ask them for a list of 1-5 year old jobs in your area,so you can see how their almond colored windows have faired.
    Also check into other alternatives, such as fiberglass, see the post above for an extensive list of mfg's.
    Good luck

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    s dual Guest

    Default Re: Fading vinyl windows

    I have heard of problems with sunny areas with colored vinyl and Fiberglass fading. Many of the manufactures will not sell darker colors to the south or high sun areas. I would not count on fiberglass solving the problem, it to has problems with the sun (note where they all are manufactured). My understanding is almond and white has been very stable in vinyl, I wonder if you got a bad batch of vinyl.

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    Bob Guest

    Default Re: Fading vinyl windows

    s dual
    Thanks for your words of caution about fiberglass windows.
    Yes, I might've got a bad batch of vinyl I don't know, I do know of one other house in the area that has almond windows with similar fading problems. I've spoken to a contractor who did a almond job in downtown San Diego 3 years ago, and he said even now it shows no signs of fading.
    This thing is still up in the air.. no resolution so far.

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