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    Justin Tischer Guest

    Default What kind of caulk on wood stove?

    I have a wood burning stove in my house that developed a smoke leak in the pipe. It is a single wall stove pipe and it appears to have been sealed with silicone of some kind. I removed all of the old caulk and used a high temp. caulk but it is designed to harden when it dries so it is not flexible. As the stove heats up and expands the caulk cracks and opens up allowing smoke to escape. What is the right product for this application and where can I get it? Lowes had nothing but fire caulk.

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    Chad Fabry Guest

    Default Re: What kind of caulk on wood stove?

    Theoretically, the air pressure outside the stove pipe should be greater than the pressure inside and it should draw air from the room up the chimney and not let smoke out. It's not a perfect world and most people choke the fires on their stoves to extend burn times and in doing so create insufficient draft. Permatex makes a product that'll stand 650f intermittant and 500f continuous and remain flexible. It's a urethane based, form in place gasket compound called Right Stuff. Don't buy the aerosol dispensed, buy the caulk tube. The tube is about half the length of a regular tube but you can dispense from a regular gun. Around 12 bucks retail. Chad

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    Roger P Guest

    Default Re: What kind of caulk on wood stove?

    You can get the Permatex at an automotive parts store or in the automotive section of a good hardware store.

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    swan Guest

    Default Re: What kind of caulk on wood stove?

    I would look at the draft problem you have. Not enough make up air is probly the cause. The smoke leakage is telling you something, you may be putting your self in danger from flue gas. A good draft pipe should not need to be chalked. Swan

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    Glenn Mitchell Guest

    Default Re: What kind of caulk on wood stove?

    I agree with the above about low fires making chimneys smoke. You probably need new pipes but you might also try a chemical cleaner like Kathite that you throw in the fire to cut the existing creosote and soot buildup.

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