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    Default Windows for a lake home

    I'm starting construction on a new home right on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie.

    When deciding on windows with clients, we tend to install more Andersen and Pella windows because of their cost effectiveness when compared to a higher end brand like Marvin.

    Marvin with its extruded aluminum frame are more expensive and clients would rather save 25% of window cost and use that money elsewhere. However, this extruded aluminum is "so much better" than "roll form" aluminum. I'm wondering if building professionals agree.

    I know Marvin's Integrity line and Andersen's are a fiberglass exterior. Pella is the roll form aluminum and Marvin is the extruded aluminum.

    Anyone who builds waterfront with some cold winters, high winds, and lots of driving rain, please chime in and let me know your experiences.



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    Default Re: Windows for a lake home

    Have you talked to some local experienced contractors? Local sources might be better.

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    Default Re: Windows for a lake home

    I have used the A-seris Andersen in a number of waterfront homes with the same weather conditions as you describe. I would be hesitant to use anything else. I also highly recommend the Smartsun glass option. Same goes for the doors. These homes were supposed to have a traditional/historical look to them and most people agree that that the A-series met that objective.

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    Default Re: Windows for a lake home

    More information on the details:
    your role in the process
    experience building in this location
    final responsibility of design/performance of project

    This is not a really good place to get this information, advice from here has no liability.

    When you are comparing exterior cladding/finish what are your concerns?
    wind resistance?


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