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    Default electric drill high rpm for sanding mop

    want to use sanding mop on wood siding, need rpm higher than the drils i have, up to 3000 rpms. the old drills in the 50tys had a higher rpm as i remember. more for steel i think, my old die grinder is running very not from a bearing i think, and its rpm is 25000 rpms which is a bit high for what i'm trying to do. thank for any thoughts on this jrrjrr

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    Default Re: electric drill high rpm for sanding mop

    is the die grinder a pneumatic one? try a regulator on the line to slow it down, might work. Also might not have enough power then to do any real sanding. Easy to try though.

    If it is an electric, maybe a router speed control?

    It is something that can be put on, or use an angle grinder with?

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    Default Re: electric drill high rpm for sanding mop

    There's the obvious question of lead paint as well, of course.

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