Mark I was in the rain taking those pictures yesterday. I'll see if I can get closers and clearer pictures today of the details.

This is typical of the builder special spec homes here on Long Island. One out of the two houses have already been sold.

Being a remodeler my head spins when I see this because we spend considerable time with the details on everything we do.

Two years ago I was hired by a home owner of a recently built home that sold for 1.5m. We had to fix every door (about 35+ doors ) in the home. The doors themselves were good quality, but the hinges where the cheapest crap on the market and each door had problems, some you couldn't even open. It took 2 highly experienced carpenters, 6 full days to fix each door, switch out all hardware (including handsets) with expensive Von Morris hinges, etc..

I love when we get Northeasters, strong horizontally driven rain coming in from different directions. It's the only weather that exposes these scam builders for what they are.