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Thread: deck oil finish

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    Default deck oil finish

    any one used penofin penetrating oil on wood staining decks? Looking for a long lasting finish. jrr jrr

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    Default Re: deck oil finish

    Penofin is a great product but they have lots of different mixes. I have an ipe deck on a current job that will get the Penofin Hardwood Formula.

    You can read through the website but I found that too confusing. I like calling the tech department of companies and tell them the type of wood and what you are looking to do.

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    Default Re: deck oil finish

    On Ipe it takes a long time to soak in, my painter recommends pre-staining the boards, and letting them sit, then re-staining them in place, then hitting them again within 6 mos. to a year.

    They'll be oily for a while even after you wipe them off.

    But it is a very good finish.
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