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    Default Glass block window

    Hi all.
    Working on a 90's manufactured home we're flipping. All the windows except one have been replaced with vinyl windows. This one is above the shower in a bathroom.

    The r/o is only 36" wide x 7 3/4" tall, so can't get a vinyl to fit. The roof trusses are right above and the top of the shower enclosure is right below, so I can't change the height of the opening. It has been suggested I install glass block, which I haven't done before.

    1) Are there other options and if so what are they?

    2) I'm ok with installing glass block but info online is scarce and I can find nothing to detail proper flashing, installation, and trim out interior or exterior in a wood framed wall. I want to make sure there are no leaks int./ext. and subbing it out isn't an option due to budget. Where can I go to get this info?

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    Default Re: Glass block window

    1. Yes, the best option is to get rid of any windows in a shower. We do that quite often.

    2. You use a buck. If the existing window is vinyl there is probably a buck in there already. If the existing window is wood, remove the sash and use the existing window frame (jambs) as a buck. Assuming the existing was properly flashed, no further flashing is needed. The glass blocks go in the buck with either mortar or silicone. Trim as needed.

    Talk to a local glass block installer, they have seen it all and they can do the whole thing cheaper than you. At least around here they do.

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    Default Re: Glass block window

    I would consider setting some tempered glass, fixed, in the opening.
    Build a frame from something moisture resistant, Swamstone maybe over PT framing.

    Flash it inside and out like a block frame window.

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    Default Re: Glass block window

    Wow! Yes I would say that's a bargain! If he's reliable with good references I would say jump on that deal a.s.a.p. Don't pay until all work is completed with satisfaction.

    The glass block per window will cost around $40.00
    The glass block mortar 1 bag runs $16.00

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