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    Default Rain screen 25 years later

    Been a long time since I checked in, but here I am..again

    I had the opportunity to work beside a house I built for a customer in 1989 today. I must admit that (even as an advocate of vrs) how good of shape the cedar cladding was in on this 25 year old structure. These pictures taken from the east side, which has been virtually unprotected from sunlight for 25 years. Even more impressive is that when talking to the owners tonight they have only had the house repainted twice in 25 years, (once because of hail damage)..

    My first vented rain screen application was in 1983 and a few miles from this structure. This was a vertical cedar siding application. I hope to get there in the next few days to see how it is holding up. This structure in in a heavily wooded area, with alot of shade. Should be interesting.
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    Default Re: Rain screen application revisited

    That siding still looks really good.

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    Default Re: Rain screen application revisited

    WOW!!! That looks great. Homeowners have to be diligent about maintenance though. Or else that cedar could look ugly.

    Great Job


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