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    Default replacing a wall with heart pine beam

    Normally I am a cabinet builder and small project remodeler, but a repeat customer referred me and I might need the work.

    I am trying to put an estimate together for replacing a wall with a heart pine, or antique pine, beam. The situation is as follows. The house is two stories, and has a single ridge with approximately a 12 12 pitch. The 2 rooms to be joined are on the first floor and run from front to back 3/4 of the depth of the house. The width of the rooms is 18'+ and the length of the new room would probably be 25'. The wall to be removed runs parallel to the ridge and already has a doorway on either end. The customer wants to remove the wall and replace it with a heart pine beam with posts at the ends of the beam. Posts in the middle is not preferred. There is also a large "play room" above this space.

    My first thought was to use an engineered beam and then dress the bottom of the beam with a 4x8 pine beam so the look is there. I haven't done much with engineered beams and don't know how to go about selecting the right one. A friend also suggested a steel beam, but I don't know how to select those either.

    My questions are, is a 8x12 heart pine beam capable of carrying that load on its own? Which engineered beam is right for this application if necessary? If steel is the answer, what size would work in this application.

    Thank you for your time. While this project may be out of my skill set, I at least want to price it. One, out of courtesy since I have told the people I would get an estimate to them, and two for the knowledge gained.

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    Default Re: replacing a wall with heart pine beam

    In all due respect, and your admitted lack of experience in this type of work, you really need to get an engineer or at least someone with more experience to look at this.

    The information you have given here, in my humble opinion, is too sketchy and incomplete for anyone here to give you any meaningful help.

    You are not doing anyone a favor, including yourself, giving your client a GUESSTIMENT. Too high is not fair to your client and
    too low might just get you a career ending job.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to expand your services, just make sure you are not getting in over your head. Good luck.

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    Default Re: replacing a wall with heart pine beam

    Get an engineer to spec it. It will be required for permit anyway.

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