Read this article and wondered why anyone would pay so much for something like this. This site has prices for the kits, the article didn't get into the cost. Kits are $600 to $1600.

I've been doing the same thing with .50 cal black powder charges & cheapo Chinese fuse.

Pellets are at Cabellas or Hodgdon® Triple Se7en® Pellets - .50 Caliber. $30 a hundred, not $2 each re the article. Triple sevens have more oomph.

Cheap Chinese (king of fireworks) fuse I bought here $6 or $7 for 65'. Buy more than you need, you'll think of something to do with it later.

Drill half inch hole in rock (50 cal = 1/2"), 18" SDS bit is good. Get as much dust out as you can. Thread the pellets onto the fuse, tie a knot in the end if the fuse is too small. Put fuse and pellets in the hole and stuff in some window putty to keep things contained.

Cut the fuse long enough to give yourself some time.

Cut a couple feet of fuse and time it so you know how much is enough time.

5 pellets, give it a try. If no joy add more. Way more fun than a jack hammer and WAAAAAAY cheaper than the Micro Blaster.

May not be OSHA approved, but don't bother suing me for your missing finger or whatever. Think I saw this on the old BT about 10 or so years ago.

Joe H