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    Default Steel to wood attachment.

    I am fabricating an open tread stair. The stringers for the stair are two 12" C channel pieces of steel onto which I have had a 2" x 9" flange welded onto the back side of the "c" for each of the treads. The treads are 3 1/8" x 11" laminated yellow pine which have a mortise in each end to accept the flanges.

    What I would like to do is glue the treads onto the carriages so that I have no exposed fasteners. One stringer is tight to a wall and the other is open. I have never tried this before. Anybody have any suggestions about the proper adhesive? It must dry in a reasonable time but not so short that I can't get the treads lined up on their flanges. I plan on assembling the stair on the floor then hoisting it into position which should be fun since it will weigh a little less than a ton. What do you think? Epoxy? Urethane? Wheat Paste?

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    Default Re: Steel to wood attachment.

    I think:
    1. The stair needs to be located indoors and not in any direct sunlight. Expansion of either material will eventually cause the bond to fail
    2. If you try to lift it after fabrication, the stresses induced by movement will cause all the connections to fail
    3. Glue is not enough. Weld a pin on the top of each flange mated to an oversize hole in the underside of the tread. Fill hole with epoxy, position tread over pin, adjust to position
    4. Epoxy. Tape everywhere that ooze might get to in order to effect a handsome cleanup

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    Default Re: Steel to wood attachment.

    Epoxy will work but there are many ways to build this stair better.

    For example, I would build it with thin steel treads, say 9" of 1/4" or 3/8" plate. Weld these treads to the stringers. Then laminate the pine, top and bottom, trapping the steel plate in the middle.

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