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    Default Painting ColorPlus HardiePlank

    I have the opportunity to purchase some HardiPlank at a reduced price. It is the pre-painted ColorPlus which unfortunately is the wrong color for the job.

    The tech rep for Hardie says no problem using a 100% acrylic paint. I'm still a little concerned that the paint would not adhere longterm to the factory pre-painted finish. Obviously repainting would eliminate the need for color matched caulking and would make the whole project easier.

    Your advice please.

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    Default Re: Painting ColorPlus HardiePlank

    I would not hesitate to buy it. The only problem I could foresee is that you might have a bit of trouble completely hiding the original color. But no concerns about adherence.

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    Default Re: Painting ColorPlus HardiePlank

    OK thanks. It's a medium green and I will paint it a light cream. Unless it's unlike wood I assume a coat of primer and one or two coats of paint should do the trick. It's not a large area I dealing with here. Is there something that makes the HardiePlank factory paint more difficult to cover??

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    Default Re: Painting ColorPlus HardiePlank

    I'm with charles. As long as you get a good enough deal that painting it makes sense go for it.

    We almost always repaint at least part of a Color-plus job as part of the contract. High traffic areas near doors and 1st floor areas where people are up close to the siding usually get an additional coat. I don't like the way the color matched caulk looks a different color after a few years so I push for a final coat.

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