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    Default Sealing joints on exterior plywood

    Anyone ever tape the joints of plywood sheathing on the exterior walls for air sealing.the sheathing runs horizontal so the walls have a gap where they meet,a place for air infiltration.was going to use 8067 flashing tape from 3m before installing house wrap,got some of the 8067 tape to try on window flashings,so far think it's a great product,just as sticky as grace flashings without the thickness.plan on using the 2inch wide tape.walls are insulated with fiberglass batts.just wanted to know if anyone has done this or if this could have a vapor barrier on exterior side some articles in Jlc mag on subject just wanted to get some feed back on the subject.

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    Default Re: Sealing joints on exterior plywood

    I would definitely try the 3m 8067 for taping plywood seams. I think that would be a good choice.

    I would not worry about creating a vapor barrier on those small areas.
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