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    Sayre Guest

    Default Shingle to stone transition

    I'm siding a house and need advice on how to transition from cultured stone to cedar shingles.
    3 sides are shingles and one side, a gable end, is cultured stone. Has anyone done this? What do you put on the corners? Thanks

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    Wayne Falcone Guest

    Default Re: Shingle to stone transition

    I installed the stone around the corners and fit the siding to the stone, pointing or caulking the joints.
    Good luck,

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    PRF Guest

    Default Re: Shingle to stone transition

    I have simply run the gable out past the corner, and similar to what Wayne described, allowed the wood siding to die against the stone. Be sure to wrap the corner with a healthy strip of bituthene membrane like Grace Ice and Water Shield and protect the sheathing behind the stone carefully. Are you using #30 felt and spacing the veneer away from the sheathing? I do not recommend caulking, however. My experience is that the caulk will develop (at least) hairline cracks that let water in (under heavy wind), but prevent the area behind the caulking from drying out. I prefer to let gravity and evaporation work for you.

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    PRF Guest

    Default Re: Shingle to stone transition

    The internet browser shut me down before I could leave the Owens Corning web address

    OC makes Cultured Stone and has excellent installation instructions on line. When you go to the site listed above, you will have 2 options:
    Open the HTML installation instructions on the left-hand side of the page
    or open one of the many PDF (adobe acrobat) technicfal files.

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