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    Default help in selecting garage compressor

    I am looking for a smaller portable compressor for garage. Need it for simple tasks - filling tires, blowing off engine/parts, and on occasion run impact wrench to rotate tires. I am looking at a 10 gallon oil lubed CRAFTSMAN air compressor with 135 psi. cfm ratings are 3.7 cfm at 40 psi and 2.4 cfm at 90 psi. I know these cfm ratings are not great but I like the size and portability of this compressor. I also know that while it will not run an impact wrench continuously, it should do the job while rotating tires, even though I will probably have to wait for tank to fill up between tires. The reviews on this compressor are good and a couple people have even said they use 600 lb impact wrench with this compressor and use it to rotate tires. Anybody know anything about this compressor or think it will do the job for me? Also need a impact wrench to go with it? Craftsman if possible. Thanks

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    Default Re: help in selecting garage compressor

    I really like the Makita MAC2400. Portable and quiet enough to run inside a house if need to.
    I actually have a 15 gallon plain portable air tank plugged into it for when its in my garage and if I need more capacity

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    Default Re: help in selecting garage compressor

    This is a professional forum. Good luck using an impact wrench with a 10 gallon craftsman compressor. Why would you ask a question about a garage compressor for your personal auto work on a carpentry/building forum? Go to garage journal or another garage/mechanic site.

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