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    Default Sealing Dutch Door

    My custom door builder is against double Dutch doors because he says they just don't seal up correctly and are drafty. The customer loves the concept, and I believe it will be excellent in this particular application. I've thought about using a french door with the dutch door on one side, but he still thinks it can't seal well against weather.

    The door is actually in a great location, south side of house so no direct sun exposure. Also it is below a covered porch with a roof about 20' x 16' sheltering the entire area, so it never sees direct moisture either. My greatest concern is wind. This is in Price, UT and the desert winds can be very strong at times, so I really don't want cool air getting through the jams.

    Any ideas for how to make a Dutch door weather/wind proof? I've thought about bringing in a specialized weatherstripping contractor but not sure who to use in Utah (Price, UT). Also, I've thought about finding another door builder who will use a step design between the door closure, rather than the typical cut-the-door-in-half approach. I've been in residential remodeling for 15 years, however this is my first experience with a dutch door. Any ideas/experience on implementing a quality dutch door would be great.

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    Default Re: Sealing Dutch Door

    Treat the split just like you would the threshold of a door. Either interlocking weatherstrips or an automatic door bottom are good options. If you can get the split rabbeted, then make it like a pre-hung door jamb, with a push-on weatherstrip in a groove.

    A lot depends on whether or not the door is to have a shelf on it.

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    Default Re: Sealing Dutch Door

    Easy enough to weather-strip with Q-Lon or silicon from Conservation technology.

    IMO the hard part is building the parts to stay in plane and straight.

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    Default Re: Sealing Dutch Door

    Here's a link to what Bill was talking about:

    Conservation Technology -

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