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    Default Pocket door issue... please help!

    I got started installing my first pocket door, but there's a stud nailed into my closet door header that's in the way. I didn't think about this at the time and not sure if there's a way I can keep this supported. I have the Johnson Hardware 1500 pocket door frame. Would I be able to nail the new header for the pocket door to the existing header for my closet? would that be enough support? I attached pictures, sorry for the newbie questions!!20140222_221112_resized.jpg20140222_221135_resized.jpg

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    Default Re: Pocket door issue... please help!

    You really need to take a step back with that camera and shoot a wide angle of the entire area you plan to install the door (including the pocket).

    You normally would rip everything out and re-frame for the pocket door.

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    Default Re: Pocket door issue... please help!

    Exactly. As I recall, the R.O. for Johnson pocket door frames, should be 2x the width of the door + 1 inch.
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    Default Re: Pocket door issue... please help!

    That stud is just a nailer for the intersecting wall , so you have to be clever and remove that stud and still have fastening for that intersecting wall ,and get the pocket door hardware installed . Not too hard to do

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    Default Re: Pocket door issue... please help!

    I just finished installing a pocket door. As was mentioned earlier, rip everything out and reframe.

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