Hi All-

I'm hoping to replace all the windows in our small, simple Berkeley home with tilt-pacs. They are mostly single pane double hungs (many cracked, and a few are not double hung but large static single panes). Oddly, many of the windows are corner windows (2 windows abutted in a corner). I started pulling off some trim to get an idea measurements for replacements. First off, I noticed that none of the windows have a sub-sill plate. The sill, which is pitched downwards, it framed in by the 2x4 wall studs cut to the angle of the sill. First question, is this a fine way to frame in a window, or should I put in a proper sub-sill?

Second question: When installing tilt-pacs, do you leave the existing jamb in place? One of the windows does not have a stud directly next to the jamb. The jamb is offset roughly 4" from the nearest wall stud. Therefore, the "rough opening" is quite different from the width jamb to jamb.

Third question: Are tilt pacs pieces of crap? If I were to install new windows, would I remove the jambs and still and start fresh?

I know I'm a newbie, but I'm hoping to get as much info as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts,