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Thread: Stagnant air

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    We built Energy Star affordable housing with 9" walls, solar thermal, solar electric,radiant heating, and mechanical ERV system. We were advised to place the intake and outflow ducts for the ERV in the kitchen (first floor). Because the houses are so tight, the hot air rising to the second floor (bedrooms and bath)becomes stifling, so that homeowners are opening windows even on cold days.

    Any ideas about fixing this?

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    Whom ever advised you to put a single zone on lower floor was wrong obviously. Check out this article, the controversy with Joe L from BSC vs ASHRAE standard 62.2 is a little confusing but the bottom line is you need more intake/exhaust balance in each room and the right rooms @ the right CFM. Look on BSC for more info. I read some of it and Id follow Joe on this one.
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