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    Default Framing old construction to new?

    Building a farmers porch onto the front of a 1964 built home. I'll tie a 4 pitch porch roof into a 10 pitch house roof. House roof was built with old/thick 2" lumber and 22" OC. What's the best way to tie in at 16" OC? use purlin underneath the new rafters and not worry about the rafters marrying up?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: Framing old construction to new?

    If by a purlin you mean a plate nailed on the flat to the exist. RR then nail your new RR to that, then yes, that is a pretty standard way to mate the two roof planes.
    Many call it "California" framing or over-framing.

    Was a GC, doing drafting & design now.

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