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    Default Custom Transition - Tile to carpet - jam gap

    I need some help fixing a transition gap between the door way jams and the transition itself. See pictures.

    How did I get to this point:
    So here goes my whole dilema. I paid for a gentleman to pour self leveling cement and lay down some tile on a heated floor. I did pay the standard rate and he seemed like a competent contractor. He was not competent. He over poured the self-leveling cement. The floor with tile off of bare concrete was over 1-1/8". The edge was also left rough. This really left me with very little options. So, I created a custom transition (I've attached pictures so others can see how you can do this). When I installed the transition I really thought I got it right and I could seamlessly solve the problem. However, I did notice one flaw. When installed my door because the floor was so high I cut off the bottom of the jam flush so I could get it in (trust me I barely got it in). In hindsight, I should have notched the jam (will never make that mistake again) and I wouldn't be posting to this forum if I notched it. There is no need to point that out. I know in this particular instance not cutting the jam is my own fault and whats done is done.

    But now what? The transition is already glued and screwed down, it's rock solid under your feet. Come hell or high water that transition would have to be destroyed to be removed. The holes are filled with epoxy :-).

    Any ideas on how to fix the gap between the door jam and the transition? It looks really ugly now. I've wondered if carpet will cover it or if there will always be a gap, if there is a gap will people notice.

    Is colored caulk my only option to solve this? Keep in mind I'm skilled wood worker, okay finish carpenter, software developer by trade. I'll entertain any ideas and I will post a picture with the final product...


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    Default Re: Custom Transition - Tile to carpet - jam gap

    Attached are the images for how I made the transition....
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    Default Re: Custom Transition - Tile to carpet - jam gap

    You are probably going to get run off the board since it is a professional's only one, but I will throw this out there.

    Remove the door, notch the jamb, re-install the door and trim. Shouldn't need to touch the transition piece. If I was doing it for a client, I would probably order a new jamb set, and new casing, and just replace them.

    If it was in my own home, I would do as you showed, fill it in with a small piece of jamb, caulk with color matched caulk, and then carpet up to it. No one is ever going to see it, unless you point it out.

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    Default Re: Custom Transition - Tile to carpet - jam gap

    I agree, it's "really" ugly along with how it attracts your attention to the "really" ugly double, triple tap nail holes and how they were filled

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    Default Re: Custom Transition - Tile to carpet - jam gap

    I notice that all the trim is off the floor. I am guessing that is for carpet to tuck under? Why not just add a shoe base to under the door transition, then you have a much smaller gap to fill on the ends of the transition.

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