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    Default Advice using BuildCalc to frame an arch

    I will be framing an outside arch over a garage door in the near future and would like to use BuildCalc to find the stud lengths, but I'm a little confused by the results.
    Other arches I've done have been interior arches that were cut from plywood and blocked-in to provide sheetrock backing. This arch has an 18+' long run and a 3+' rise and will be framed w/ 16" o.c. studs. I could draw the arch on plywood (which I will need to do anyway)and simply measure for the studs, but would like to use the arc function in BuildCalc to find the stud lengths. However, when I attempted this I was confused by the results. Stud lengths seem to go from the center out, but I don't know if the layout is on center, or set to one edge of the stud. I don't seem to be able to enter a plate thickness,and I don't see anything to indicate the bevels for the various studs and the plumb cuts on the end of the plate(s). . .
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Default Re: Advice using BuildCalc to frame an arch

    Which OS are you using? If it is iOS make sure you have updated to v2.2.1.

    Conv➡Pref➡Calculate Arch Wall Studs➡Outside of the Arc➡
    18'➡Run➡3'➡Rise➡Conv➡Arc➡Arc Results➡On-Center Spacing 16"➡
    Outside Segment 1 (oc: 1ft 4in) 0-11/16 in

    There are more results, as you can see it gives the results on center.

    There is no plate entry at this time, they're working on it.

    The cut angle on a miter saw is 16.26°, (90°-73.74°)

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