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    Default Rewiring Work Lights Wired Together?

    Hey everyone,
    Just wanted to find out if there is any way to separate these two work lights I have. They are wired together by the power cable which is in a "Y" configuration, and I want to be able to plug them in and use them separately. Here are some pictures of the inside of the switch boxes on the back of each light:

    I'm not a wiring kind of guy, so I might need to seek help.


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    Default Re: Rewiring Work Lights Wired Together?

    Yes it's possible.

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    Default Re: Rewiring Work Lights Wired Together?

    One pic was enough, the other three are redundant.

    This is not a DIY site, you need to explore places and
    Take Care


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    Default Re: Rewiring Work Lights Wired Together?

    Well, it's looks like you have 4 pictures showing the same thing. Apparently there is one switch for the two heads. I suspect you need another switch in order to isolate the heads from one another, so they can be independently turned on or off. Just make sure the switch you put in will be able to handle the wattage and do this with it unplugged.

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    Default Re: Rewiring Work Lights Wired Together?

    Sorry for the confusion, there are actually identical switches on the back of both lights. They are connected via a "Y" connection in the power cable. I'm trying to possibly wire in two separate power cords so the lights can be used separately.

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