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    Default compressor lines frezzing

    So whats the best for compressor lines freezing. Water and air seperator attached to compressor? Or just antifreeze oil in the guns and hoses?

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    Default Re: compressor lines frezzing

    Water separator at the compressor would be my guess, nothing to do with the gun itself.
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    Default Re: compressor lines frezzing

    We never had much luck with water separators. Maybe they worked, maybe they didn't....we still had frost in the lines.

    We used Killfrost in the lines but keep in mind that it attacks the seals. I haven't put any in this year yet. LOL...come to think about it: I haven't oiled my gun in months!

    Back to the subject: we have most success by starting out daily with clear hoses. To accomplish that, I let my hose ride up front in the cab. I plug a male nipple into the female end and then shove an end up into the blower port of the truck heating system. By the time I get to work each morning, the hose s are hot and the dry air has been circulating through them for an hour or more (35 minutes on the trip home last night and 35 minutes going in in the morn). Then, as soon as I hook up my hose, I let the air blow through it before I hook up my nailgun. This approach works for me but occasionally, we have to reheat all the hoses and give them all another blow. So far this year, we've only had one challenging day and that was because the lead hoses were loaded...because the compressors hadn't been drained...because the pitcock was damaged.

    We also used to keep our electric compresson in a job box with a heater inside. This sent heated air out into the hoses. If the run is small enough, the hoses don't freeze.
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    Default Re: compressor lines frezzing

    Put your hoses in a warm place every night (take them home and put them in your cellar by the furnace). The hoses ride to work in your cab like Jim said.
    Use winter oil in the guns, never had a problem with seals.
    On real cold days, put some pure alcohol (Everclear) in the compressor end of your hoses a few times a day. Use a thimblefull or so. The alcohol dries the hoses of moisture and is safe for the guns. Works great.
    I always kept the compressor outside while working because I did not want warm/moist air traveling through the lines and condensing on the metal fittings. To that end, use the smallest fittings, never understood the guys who want to use mechanic sized fittings on an air gun.
    The longer the runs, the tougher it can be, but I have had 300' worth of hose out using the above tactics with no issues in 0 F and lower.
    Good Luck,

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