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    Default Best way to frame 2cd floor

    Hope you guys will be kind enough to give some opinions on the best way to frame this floor. The most common dimensional lumber available is 2x12 #2 southern pine. Trusses may be an option but i have never worked with them. There are no support columns, just the first floor walls,
    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Best way to frame 2cd floor

    I would be leery of using 2x12 southern pine. I had to use that in TX for a house. It was all trash.

    You've got long spans. You'll have lots of microlams and hangers....

    I'd look at TJIs first. I'd then look for Doug Fir second. Floor trusses would be my last option. I hate most floor truss systems unless the house is relatively simple.

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    Default Re: Best way to frame 2cd floor

    In the 18' span you could do 2 x 12's 12" o.c., but I would check with your inspector or engineer first.

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    Default Re: Best way to frame 2cd floor

    I would think you would end up with at least one column buried in a first floor wall. My truss guy and wood I-joist guy are the same guy and would design it for me with column loads and locations specified and wood I-joists. I would opt for floor trusses if I foresaw the need for accommodating mechanicals. If I went with conventional 2x wood, I prefer to sister joists together rather than going less than 16 O.C in order to leave room for mechanicals. We just did a basement under retail and used 2x10 light gauge steel joists. Span was 15 feet and I think it had 100# load requirement. Steel sure is stroooooong.

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