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    Default Flexible Flashing Article

    JLC is planning an article on flexible flashings. We're exploring compatibility issues with the manufacturers of flashing products, as well as with manufacturers of windows, doors, and substrate materials. However I would like to get some contractor input. What common mistakes do you see? Do you find some details to be more effective than others? Have you had more success with particular brands for particular applications? Are some easier or harder to use? Do some products not seem to work with some substrates despite what the manufacturers say? Etc.

    Martin Holladay published an article on this topic in the June 2001 issue so I'm really interested if, in your opinion, there has been any significant change in the materials since then.

    You can respond here or send me an email. I'm happy to communicate by email or by phone.

    Thank you,

    Charlie Wardell
    jlcproductinfo @

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    Default Re: Flexible Flashing Article

    You may be interested to read an article I wrote on the topic recently:

    Martin Holladay
    Green Building Advisor

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    Default Re: Flexible Flashing Article

    Thanks Martin. This is very helpful. I just sent you an email but am not sure if I have the right address.

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