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    Default Re: I am following Greg and Greg...

    Quote Originally Posted by Overbuilders View Post
    Great point. Peripheral disagreements aside, everybody posting here teaches somebody somewhere something useful. Everybody.
    Thanks Richie, I'm assuming the wind chime designs help cut down on the empties.
    "First we finish the game, then we’ll deal with the Armada!"

    Sir Frances Drake

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    Default Re: I am following Greg and Greg...

    Yup. Give credit where credit is due.
    Richie Poor

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, value engineer your unit prices.

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    Default Re: I am following Greg and Greg...

    Well I take back what I said about posting work thanks kent
    youtube channel: builtinsbykreg
    if you do not have fun every day... why?
    get up.... get out there..... get going ! rocking all day long
    remember to give out 10 business cards a day !

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