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    Default wine nook and a coat nook !

    the wine nook i made to fit under this opening under the stairs... all out off oak the lattice was bought, and I added lights also.

    the coat nook i made to put by the rear door for them to hang coats and shoes and I am all done and she wants doors added... so i just whipped up some mdf doors and added them on... If I had known before hand I would have done it differently but she was happy, behind this is a stationary french door that I covered up..
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    Default Re: wine nook and a coat nook !

    I hope you didn't use halogen bulbs Kreg. Not only do they create too much heat so close to the bottles, but they also emit UV rays that will damage the wine as well.
    Looks nice though and is good use of a dead space.

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    Default Re: wine nook and a coat nook !

    Kreg, looks like a good niche. Everyone loves drinking. Good seeing you at JLC and thanks for the marital advice, Eric

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    Default Re: wine nook and a coat nook !

    That's nice work on the wine rack, Kreg. From an end-product pov, though, as Phil said - lighting could become an issue. Adding to his wine-related concerns, I also think as it loads up with bottles you'll get significant shadow play with the single light source from above... making a pleasant evening with some wine seem very ominous indeed. If to be lighted, they should come from multiple points and run at cool temps. Definitely not for long-term wine storage - should be frequent table wine, but that's where the fun begins:)

    On another note... that bench seat looks like it already took said ominous trip to the wine storage many, many times. It's all askew - shifted over to the right...overlapping the stile and butting the casing. Doors way oversized and overlapping the oak seat. small clearance at the casing (glass door) for the cabinet's door to swing... don't know what hardware/pulls are going on there, but watch out for a cracked pane.

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