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    Default Custom cut router bits.

    I have a couple pieces of oddly shaped moulding that I need to duplicate. I need to get a couple custom bits ran. I have never ordered custom bits before. Are there any companies that you guys could recommend?

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    Default Re: Custom cut router bits. I have used this company with great success. They have even made bits with tapered guide bearings for a few wierd applications I have done.
    "ALS IK KAN" - Stickley

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    Default Re: Custom cut router bits.


    In my experience there are two methods of dealing with the situation you are in

    The first is sourcing a router cutter manufacturer who will make you a full custom cutter..... the expensive option

    The second is to be cute. About 8-10 weeks ago I was asked to produce a one piece base moulding that had a finished size of 32x230 mm (approx 1-1/4 x 9 inch).

    The requirement was for 6 metres (20 foot) and was wanted in 3 days FLAT, so a custom cutter was out! both on time and cost

    So I sourced a standard 6 inch one piece moulding... ripped the top off and added a top piece and a face piece of 12mm MDF to the bottom section

    I added a "cove" to the top edge of the MDF and glued and pinned the three pieces together with glue and 23 guage pins

    as the French say "Voila!" as I say, "job jobbed"

    hope this helps
    Limey Carpenter

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    Default Re: Custom cut router bits.

    I can not help with a custom cutter as I have never bought one, but I have several times made custom profiles or rather duplicated them. I use what I call the new school old school method of using the bits I have and make it work if you look at the molding and just cut 1 profile at a time it can be done it is the same way most of it was done when they used hand planes. It does take a little longer to do it this way as opposed to one pass but if you only need a few pieces it is very cost and time effective method.
    Tom D.

    more tools please.

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