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    Default Torch Down Roofing Repair

    So I met up with a homeowner to finalize a contract with my bathroom bid and they requested that I take a look at some more items they need fixed. One of those is their roof and the interior gutters that they have are leaking. The house is a 60's era home w/ a rolled roof and gravel application on top of that. The gutter areas on the underside are clearly leaking and the enclosed soffit is slowly eroding away. I'll be replacing all of the wood around these areas so that I can get a true idea of what's going on here. I'm thinking about cutting back around the area about 16"-2 ft. in each direction, replacing the gutter downspout scupper ( which is rusted and corroding) and reapplying a torch down patch to solidify the area in concern. My main objective here is really using a material that's going to get this dialed in correctly and bond very well with the substrate and the existing roofing to create a water tight seal with no issues on my end. I'll need to get this existing roofing gravel cleared back and cleaned up for a solid seal. Open to suggestions here to knock these small patch areas out! The existing roofing around these scuppers is built up with what appears to be basically some Henry's roofing tar that never offered the correct fix. It was kind of funny because the homeowner applied silicone caulking to the bottom side of the enclosed soffit as if that was going to offer any help other than having caulking on the bottom side of a "top side" issue! Thanks for the advice in advance! Have a good one!

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    Default Re: Torch Down Roofing Repair


    First name please

    Throw up some pictures
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    Default Re: Torch Down Roofing Repair

    First name here is Joseph, I can get some pictures when I get back out there again to take some pictures. I know it's difficult to see the exact issue through only descriptions. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Happy Easter!

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    Default Re: Torch Down Roofing Repair

    Pictures would be good.

    Really think about insurance when you get that torch out. Sound overly cautious but there is lots of liability there.
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    Default Re: Torch Down Roofing Repair

    Are you in an area where this kind of roofing and these details work?

    If that were here in rainy, snowy, icy country I would be trying to talk them into deleting built-in gutters and putting on regular metal ones.

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